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November 14th, 2007

mookieghana @ 01:51 pm: APPLE II MARIO~!

10 GR
30 FOR T=1 TO 16
40 READ X$
50 FOR X=1 TO LEN(X$)
60 K=VAL(MID$(X$,X,1))
900 DATA 1,13,2,7
1000 DATA "00011111100000"
1010 DATA "00111111111000"
1020 DATA "00333223200000"
1030 DATA "03232223222000"
1040 DATA "03233222322200"
1050 DATA "00322223333000"
1060 DATA "00022222220000"
1070 DATA "00044144400000"
1080 DATA "00444144144400"
1090 DATA "04444111144440"
1100 DATA "02241011014220"
1110 DATA "02221111112220"
1120 DATA "02211111111220"
1130 DATA "00011100111000"
1140 DATA "00444000044400"
1150 DATA "04444000044440"

April 5th, 2007

dopefish_dude @ 10:49 pm: Hello, I just found this community. I got into the Apple II later in life than most people here, I assume but I really love it.

I am very curious if it is at all possible to find an Applesoft BASIC compiler. I have been searching online but the few places which actually sell disks but they do not seem to have any compilers for BASIC. I have a //e so GS software is of no use and I have no meathod of getting downloaded disk images onto the Apple. It seems that ebay does not have auctions for them at all regularly. Does anyone know of where I can find one? Or the source code for one so I could copy it onto a disk by hand? Or anything?
It seems that almost all Apple II software sites are just for downloads and since I prefer the real deal to emulation, this is not so awesome IMO.

EDIT: I have discovered the source code for one which should do the job. If anyone is curious here is where it can be found.

November 13th, 2006

edwards @ 02:34 pm: I just moved my AlphaSyntauri into the studio and recorded one of the demo files; I'm crossposting this a bit, but here's a link to the demo file, and I hope that it amuses someone to hear 1980s music technology. The AlphaSyntauri/Mountian Computer Music System was some setup, and compared to synth prices at the time was a bargain. I use it as a music scratchpad, having rebuild the velocity sensitive 61-key keyboard; it's very quick to hit a couple of keys and record a loop.


Sixteen tracks Sixteen tracks

Alpha Syntauri's track mixer display prior to playback
Alpha Syntauri Alpha Syntauri

Apple II with synthesizer

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November 6th, 2006

mookieghana @ 09:37 am: NEED: Apple II Power Cord
My wonderful fiance picked me up an Apple //e. I moved it into my apartment and it's great. Only problem is that the computer is missing the power cord. Suggestions about where I can get one (what would I ask for at Radio Shack) or other devices in my house that might work?



October 6th, 2005

twilight_rodent @ 05:56 pm: Cracking Disks
Is there anybody out there that still does this? People use to enjoy the challenge of cracking the disk as much as any game. But I doubt anybody is still into it doing it.
But if you know of anybody that did this or likes to let me know. I still have 100s of disks that need to be Deprotected before I can back them up. These disks may not be listed in HardCore Computist.

October 4th, 2005

twilight_rodent @ 10:25 pm: Infared Tracker
No, I have not had time to play with any of the the new Apple II/IIgs items. The CFFA card with the compact flash for HD should prove interesting. Will have to see what is fast it or the Ramfast.
Anyways trying to track down a Doctor K Lesser that made his own infrared gun, to diagnose disease using the Apple II. I do have a copying of his software. It is Dos 3.3. Called it Infrared Tracker.
The complete collection of UpTime is on one CD as is Nibble. Just though I mention it.

September 25th, 2005

__dizzy__ @ 05:58 pm: Hi there
I've found Apple ][ Desktop disc, but in lores looks like ... is any hires mode is aviable for it?

September 23rd, 2005

mookieghana @ 12:56 pm: Russian Bear richs bourjouix Apple ][ community :)
(i got this email this morning; I'll repost on their behalf!)

From: Zobot One [zobot atsymbol ok dot. ru]

Hi there!
Im from Moscow, Russia.
I own Russian clone of Apple ][ called AGAT-9 since 1991.
Long time ago I had only russian warez and only few 'real'
Apple ][ disks but now I found lotta warez. And need some

How can I change ProDOS directory and where can i get full
as possible Apple ][ memory map. For example old docs I
have (in russian, from AGAT-9 boundle) tells that Apple ][
don't have hires gfx...


ps: excause me for pervert english.

September 13th, 2005

cosmic_disciple @ 07:23 pm: Innova Genius Musician
anyone ever heard of the Innova Genius Musician Board for Apple II?

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September 5th, 2005

hisham @ 02:06 pm: AppleCrate: An Apple II-Based Parallel Computer
Sorry if this was posted here before, but it's too good to pass: (in any case, the page was recently updated, so it is news ;) )
an Apple II-based "rack-mounted cluster".

The author used them to play music as a polyphonic synthesizer, with impressive results. Amazing.

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